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DIY Repair Cafe

September 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


In this workshop, we will discuss troubleshooting and fixing some typical consumer goods. We’ll go over the safe measures of doing it yourself, followed by an open workshop session where we’ll assist you in the repair process and using tools to assist in the repair. If a repair requires special parts, we’ll discuss how to source replacements, and help you build a shopping list for your repair if needed.

Don’t get stuck buying replacements over and over again. Join us for a night of working with tools, building troubleshooting skills, and fixing your broken stuff!

Come to our workshop if:

  • You love taking stuff apart to see how a thing ticks
  • You’ve got something that’s broken that you think you could fix
  • You want to talk to someone that may share some new tricks. We have engineers, technologists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts from many different cliques.
  • You are worried about electricity and want to eliminate the risks (of tinkering alone)

If you feel like your goods are perfectly fine and repairable, you share the belief that consumer waste has gotten out of hand, you don’t want a part in the cost of that lifestyle, and you’re ready to take measures further in your own life, then join us. We’ll look at broken things together, talk about how they failed and how to go about getting them working again, and share some skills and tools we’ve picked up along the way. Other countries have picked up these skills out of necessity for sustainable living. We can elevate ourselves to a level of contentment that buying new things can’t fulfill, by investing in ourselves, and what we have, by restoring things with our own hands.

Duration: 3 hours
Maximum # of Participants: 6
Minimum Age: 14
Project: Bring your broken belongings, or come get troubleshooting advice to save money from constantly replacing good goods.

Prerequisites required:
Bring some consumer goods of yours that are broken to diagnose during the workshop

Skills Learned:

  • Troubleshooting and attention to detail
  • Identifying common failures in all things
  • Taking safety precautions before taking electronics apart, and after putting it back together

Tools Learned:

  • Electric Drills and other handheld rotary tools
  • Special hardware screwdrivers, pry picks, spudger wedges
  • Multimeters
  • Non-contact voltage detectors
  • Soldering irons
  • Heat guns

Other Remarks:
We will have shop materials (wires, spare parts, or at the very least a shopping list for next time) that we can provide, but if you have your own materials, bring them along.
For all the things that can’t be replaced and must be sourced, we’ll help you build a shopping list and you can finish the repair with us next time.

Instructor: Isaac Dent
Isaac is a mechatronics engineer, specializing in power electronics, LED Lighting, electrochemistry, and motor technology. As co-owner of Melton Sparks, his vision is to pursue personal and intellectual growth alongside communities and makers. Through educational workshops, he hopes to share skills, network with like-minded individuals and ultimately to connect with talent for future opportunities. Melton Sparks provides services such as engineering consulting, STEAM workshops, and technology products such as wearables and educational kits. Isaac hikes around Burnaby Mountain for exercise and mental health and has enjoyed the keto diet for several years now.

Q:    Is this a repair service?
A:    No, this is a guided workshop that provides you with the tools you need to repair your own consumer goods. We will assist you technically, and guide you through the process

Q:    Will I have my thing repaired by the end of the workshop?
A:    It really depends on the nature of the issue. We’ll investigate together on whether it is a straightforward fix that can be done in the space, or something more extensive that needs parts.

Q:    I have a lot of broken stuff, will there be a chance to do more of these?
A:    We’ll be holding workshops every month, but if you need access to the space more often we can get you set up for access


September 20, 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Maker Cube – Langley Makerspace
#104B - 5947 206A St.
Langley, BC V3A 8M1 Canada